As more and more pages are published on this website, I realize that my first post explaining who I was and why I decided to launch this website is being buried. This led me to write this page explaining all this once more, and I added more relevant information.

What is the idea behind Who Thought of It?

Being curious by nature, I’m fascinated by the way people have ideas. Some things in our lives seem so obvious today, but someone had to invent them, to discover how they work, and what to do with them. Sometimes, there is a need and a solution, but most of the time, it’s the invention that leads to change in our way of life.

Being French, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking (well, not all French people are like that, but I’m a cliché that way), and I often asked myself who thought of cooking ingredients this way (how do you end up beating egg whites in the first place? For example). It’s the same for everything else.

And then, you end up asking yourself, who were those inventors? Who looked at the stars and discovered Pluto? Who invented the internal combustion engine? Who created the first lightbulb? Who thought of pasteurizing milk?

Practicing My English

As I said before, I’m French. It’s really the first time I’m writing this much in English, but it’s something I wanted to do for a long time, to help me improve my mastery of Shakespeare’s language. I’ll probably make mistakes along the way (and be ashamed of them), don’t hesitate to signal all the errors I do, and all the improvements I can make. Thanks in advance for your indulgence.

What are my sources?

I am not an expert in a lot of subjects. I actually wrote a book about the history of scripted American TV (soon to be published in France), and I read a lot of books about Hollywood and Comic Books. I’m really into pop culture.

Writing a book taught me to do my research way beyond Wikipedia, but not being specialized in most of the domains I explore here, it’s pretty superficial work. It’s enough to satisfy my curiosity. I navigate blogs written by passionate people and articles published by specialized publications (, Nat Geo, and other science and historical organizations). I also used YouTube where some creators do some interesting videos on various topics. I sometimes try to use the official websites, even if they are more often than not full of semi-truths.

In short, I’m not an expert and I condensed easily found information. I like when there are contradictory stories and I need to dig deeper, but some subjects are really straightforward to cover.

If you want more than a superficial history of a subject, I can only recommend you to do your own research. I hope what I’m writing is sufficient for those who, like me, just need to quickly satisfy their curiosity.

Also, if I made mistakes, tell me in the comment section, and I’ll make the corrections as quickly as possible.