Who Thought Of It 2.0: The Reboot

A few months ago, I just stopped publishing anything on Who Thought Of It. Work went downhill, my motivation followed, and I mostly lost interest.

I launched this blog thinking that the subject, writing about who invented what would be fun, and I needed to practice writing in English–as it is not my first language. It was a personal challenge and I have to admit that if my writing skills could be better, I made serious progress.

I published 150 articles! That’s a lot more than I thought. But I was getting bored by the exercise. My curiosity didn’t lead to the most interesting subject to write about. I needed to write, so I padded the article to add more phrases because I had fixed goals for myself, I wanted to write a certain length each week. It was all part of the assignment I imagined for myself.

Along the way though, I lost interest in the overall theme of the blog. I didn’t like writing about things that were a bit too complicated on the science side, because I had to read a lot to understand what it was about, and it felt like all of this was becoming another job. I preferred topics in the pop culture realm, more my style.

As a matter of fact, not long ago, I launched another blog, one dedicated to movies and pop culture (cinematicpanic.com). I have fun writing about films and books. It’s my official side project now.

But what about Who Thought Of It? Well, I think about it regularly, trying to find a way to relaunch it. I’ll try a few things in the coming weeks. I’ll probably expand beyond the previously established themes. Maybe something will stick! We’ll see.

If you read this and nothing has been posted after, it means that I failed.

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