Who Invented the Violin?

Who Invented the Violin?

Last year, I wrote about the invention of the Piano. Since then, I’m thinking of continuing my exploration of the subject as I thought it was quite interesting. But as time goes on, I wrote about a lot of things, but not much about music-related subjects (I wrote about what was the first rap song recently though). I’m listening to classical music lately when I’m working, and this brings the idea back to the forefront. So today, we are talking about:

Who Created the Violin?

The birth of the violin can be traced back to the Brescia area of Northern Italy in the early 16th century. It was around 1485 that the region became known for its skilled string players and renowned instrument makers, including creators of viols, violas, and other stringed instruments of the Renaissance.

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What is the First Rap Song?

What is the First Rap Song?

I’m not the bigger hip-hop fan out there, but I found the history of the genre fascinating, mostly because of how it tells a story of America. Being European, I learn a lot about the USA by exploring how its cultural movements emerged.

I recently heard that Hip-Hop is 50 years old and, out of curiosity, I asked myself:

What is considered to be the First Rap Song?

First, let’s begin by stating that the “50 years” comes from the fact that one event has been declared as the starting point of hip-hop culture. that cultural revolution was started in 1973 when DJ Kool Herc ran the turntables at the notorious “Back To School” jam–a party he organized with his sister Cindy.

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Who Invented the Piano?

Who Invented the Piano?

For some time now, I’m house hunting. I noticed that houses for rich people often have a piano in them. Maybe it’s a regional thing, but it led me to think about:

Who Created the Piano?

Originally, we didn’t talk about “piano,” but about the pianoforte, because it’s an Italian invention—the name being itself derived from clavicembalo col piano e forte (harpsichord with soft and loud).

The piano evolved from previous instruments such as the clavichord, harpsichord, and dulcimer. Based on its predecessor, it was determined that the piano can be classified as a string instrument but also as a percussion instrument because of the hammer that strikes those strings.

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